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Cleveland, Castle Dale and Orangeville hold primary


As can be expected with a primary election, the voter turnout was light in the three towns holding elections. Orangeville has a total of 877 registered voters and of those 301 voted for a total of 34.32 percent. In Castle Dale they have 1,022 registered voters and 292 people showed up at the polls for a total of 28.57 percent. In Cleveland there are 325 registered voters and 85 people cast ballots for a percentage of 26.15 percent.

In the city council race in Castle Dale, there were a field of seven candidates which was narrowed down to four. Kyle Beagley-66, Jeremy Jewkes-116, Cindy Lopez-24, Julie Johansen Love-128, Jack R. Rogers-64, Adam B. Thompson-95, Douglas Holmes Weaver-68. For the Cleveland Councilmember the field of five was narrowed down to four: Kit Anderson-51, Bryan J. Christensen-48, Verla Jensen-50, Ashlee Stansfield-14, Jesse Ward-8.

In Orangeville there were four candidates running for the office of Mayor and two of these candidates were knocked out of the race. Incumbent Mayor Bart Cox received 49 votes, current councilmember James L. Davis received 75 votes. Carmen Humphrey-38, Patrick J. Jones-139. In the Orangeville City Council there are two positions available and the field of five was narrowed to four. Carol D. Cox-86, Carole Larsen-209, Thomas D. Madsen-53, Paul Riddle 54, Mark M. Tuttle 179.

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