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Letter to the editor: Controlled burning? Is it Necessary

By Rex D. Jones

"Controlled/managed burning" this really necessary especially during the height of the dry and fire danger season? Yes...these "controlled burns" are on public lands...therefore the local public and their representative must be made aware of all "controlled burns" and their purpose in advance of each burn. Further, burning in areas where permitted cattle graze during the summer months should be considered irresponsible.

In my view burning in beetle infested areas of our national forests is not a solution. Logging those areas is a good alternative and should be employed. Also, methods should be employed to reduce erosion and allow new-forest-growth as part of logging operations.

It is my view that responsible management of public lands is overdue...and that does not mean isolating the public from public lands. The public must also demonstrate respect for public lands they visit...most people do just that. is my view that there are some people who have no respect for themselves as well as public or private property...this is a different issue that needs to be addressed.

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