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Letter to the editor: Our forefathers and environmentalists

By Maurice W. Anderson


Our forefathers had it right. When they settled this country the first thing they were in need of was a home. There were many forms of natural resources that needed developing. They eventually started using the natural resources that were available in America. Trees for lumber were in abundance, and that hasn't changed much. If managed right it will supply America with lumber and the many by-products that come from trees. It also creates jobs for the people. Somehow this sound practice has been changed.

The environmentalists have been closing roads at an alarming rate. They have limited the use of our forest lands to the point that it is impossible to harvest the timber that needs harvesting. This is why the forest personnel say they need to burn our forest. At this time our forests are in very bad shape, thanks to the environmentalists and poor management.

I was told that burning was going to go on for a long time.

Here are the results of burning.

1- Air quality in Wayne, Emery and Carbon counties was so bad this summer you couldn't see the mountains or desert.

2- People that have respiratory problems were put at great risk.

3- Burning ruins good timber that could be harvested and used.

4- Burning also ruins the habitat for the animals of the forest.

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