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First appearance for Peter Sharp

Peter Simon Sharp.


Peter Simon Sharp, DOB 11-1-1982, appeared on Oct. 27 in the Seventh District Court before Judge George M. Harmond in his initial appearance.

Judge Harmond asked the defendant if his date of birth was 11-1-1982 to which the defendant answered yes. The judge asked if his full name was Peter Simon Sharp and the defendant answered yes.

The information was read to the defendant. The charges in the case are one charge of aggravated murder which is a first degree felony; count two: charge of aggravated murder which is a first degree felony and count three aggravated assault with a deadly weapon or force which is a third degree felony. Judge Harmond read the information and informed the defendant of the penalties which include: If convicted as few as 21 years in prison or as much as life in prison without parole; or the state could seek the death penalty for the aggravated murder charges. Judge Harmond asked the defendant if he understood the penalties and he responded, "I understand."

Judge Harmond told the defendant he has the right to be represented by legal counsel. The defendant had filled out an indigency form which was presented to the court by Lt. William Downard of the Emery County Sheriff's Office. Judge Harmond appointed David Allred to represent the defendant. Judge Harmond told the defendant in the event the state elected to seek the death penalty then the defendant's legal counsel could change. The defendant is being held without bail in the Emery County detention center. The defendant is scheduled for an appearance of counsel on Nov. 3 at 9 a.m. The defendant will be present with his attorney at that time and bail will be discussed. Judge Harmond asked the defendant if he had any questions. The defendant said this was his first offense and he had no idea what he was doing there. He wondered if there was any leave from jail where he could go home and collect his things. He wondered if he could make a plea at this time. Judge Harmond instructed the defendant that this initial appearance was for information only and not the time for a plea, but just for letting the defendant know what the charges are.

Deputy County Attorney Brent Langston for clarification purposes mentioned that on count three the charge of aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon would be enhanced and could carry a penalty of 1-10 years in prison because the act took place in the presence of a child.

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