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Emery voters head to polls


Emery County voters went to the polls on Nov. 3 to decide a number of mayoral and city council races. Also on the ballot was the Castle Valley Special Service District Bond Election. This bond election passed for the issuance of $12.5 million in bonds for use in projects throughout Emery County over the next 10 years.

The money will be used in culinary water, secondary water, road construction, sewer maintenance and upgrades as well as several other projects outlined by the cities. The second portion of the CVSSD election was the continuation of the tax for operating and maintenance funds for the district. Both of these ballot questions passed. Castle Dale Mayor - Vote For One Winston Palmer-35, Neal Peacock-343

Castle Dale Councilmember - Vote For Two

Jeremy Jewkes-245; Julie Johansen Love-214; Adam B. Thompson-139; Douglas Holmes Weaver-115

Clawson Mayor - Vote For One

Amanda Price-51; Clawson Councilmember - Vote For Two

Dean Allen-39 Christy Jean Gasser-12

Bryant Glade Nelson-5 Jerry L. Price-43 Cleveland Mayor-Chris J. Parkins-123

Cleveland Councilmember - Vote For Two; Kit Anderson-77; Bryan J. Christensen-82; Verla Jensen-80; Ashlee Stansfield-21

Elmo Mayor - Vote For One

Write-in Kirt Rasmussen-35

Write-in Brent Hadfield-24

Elmo Councilmember - Vote For Two

Stoney Lavar Jensen-40

Ryan C. Jensen-34

Write-in Brady Staples-23

Write-in Dallen Skelly-31

Emery Mayor - Vote For One

Mistie J. Christiansen-75

Emery Councilmember - Vote For Two

David Mangum-76

Jon “Smiley” Sundstrom-34

Ferron Mayor - Vote For One

Joann Behling-178

Ferron Councilmember - Vote For Two

Michael A. Behling-164

Garrett Hansen-162

Ferron Councilmember - Vote For Two

Trent Jackson-150

Joe Trenery-160

Huntington Mayor - Vote For One

Hilary Gordon-397

R. Boyd Wilson-99

Huntington Councilmember - Vote For Two

Jeff Cowley-416

Mark T. Justice-312

Orangeville Mayor - Vote For One

James L. Davis-177

Patrick J. Jones-214

Orangeville Councilmember- Vote For Two

Carol D. Cox-124

Carole Larsen-299

Paul Riddle-92

Mark M. Tuttle-238

CVSSD Proposition #1 For Issuance Of Bonds-1101

Against Issuance Of Bonds-623

CVSSD Proposition #2

For Authorization Of Tax-994

Against Authorization Of Tax-758

In Green River Pat Brady was re-elected to the office of mayor and Phillip Engleman and Kent Johnson are the winners in the two open spots for the council race.

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