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Huntington City takes care of nuisance property

Huntington City demolishes this old house and cleans up property.

It was often referred to as the old Harrison home and it stood on the southeast corner of 300 East and 200 North in Huntington. In its day, it was probably one of the nicer homes in town but unfortunately that day had come and gone.

Now this once stately home was no more than a neighborhood eyesore that over the past 30-40 years had been allowed to sit empty and gradually deteriorate into the potential disaster site that it became. And now it is gone.

Huntington City officials over the years have complained to the property's owner but nothing had ever changed. The owner, who lives in southern Nevada, said that they would look into it but they thought the home could be easily remodeled and restored to a usable facility. Nothing was ever done.

Huntington City zoning administrator Gary Arrington, after many fruitless conversations with the owner, followed Huntington City's legal counsel's advice and recommendations and had the home removed and the property cleaned up. Certified letters were sent, pictures were both mailed and emailed and yet the owner refused to comply with any and all requests. With the approaval of the Huntington city council and the city planning and zoning commission, the city had the home removed and the property cleaned up. The property owner will receive the bill and the city has several avenues available to guarantee payment.

Although this home was by far the worst in the city, there are several other pieces of property that have houses in a great state of disrepair and the city will continue in their efforts to bring all into compliance with city ordinances. The next city meeting is Nov. 18 at 7 p.m.

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