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Eis to Begin on State Route 6

The Utah Department of Transportation, in response to its recently completed S.R. 6 safety study, will be making the following improvements to address some of the study's findings:

� Implement no-passing zones with the appropriate signage in various areas.

� Install additional advisory signage for curves.

� Re-stripe current passing zones.

In accordance with the study's recommendations, UDOT will continue to evaluate high priority locations to construct or extend passing lanes and other median treatments to enhance the safety of S.R. 6.

The study reviewed the design of highway and accident data over the last 10 years to determine which areas of the roadway need improvements and what type of improvements should be made. It also identified 16 project sites along the highway for long-term improvements. Those sites were prioritized in order of importance as to which improvements should be made first.

Although spot improvements on U.S. 6 may improve safety in the short-term, the study determined that with the estimated growth in traffic over the next 30 years, a long-term solution must be addressed. UDOT is initiating an environmental impact statement to evaluate long-term solutions for the highway segment between Interstate 15 in Spanish Fork to Interstate 70 in Green River. The purpose of the EIS is to determine the need for the highway improvements, identify alternatives to meet the growing traffic needs, and address the environmental impacts of the alternatives.

As part of the EIS process, public open houses detailing the findings of the safety study and soliciting input on alternatives to be studied and environmental issues to be considered in the EIS, will be held in December in Spanish Fork, Price, Green River, and Salt Lake City.

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