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Letter to the editor: Support local boys and girls club in Huntington

By President Suzanne Brasher Parry Percy and Janice Mounteer BGCH Directors


As you know we are making great gains daily in establishing a strong organizaional and financial footing for our Boys and Girls Club of Huntington. Our trustees and board of directors have approved our bylaws and corporate charter. Paperwork is being drafted in application of several new and very interesting grants for program funding.

We have two immediate and pressing financial concerns that need attention now, even before our grants can be realized.

1. Our operational expenses are falling short of what is needed to pay our utilities. The Star Grill is our primary source of income and we need you to join us in having a great meal at a reasonable price. If the entire community would do this at least once a week, we could pay our Boys and Girls Club of Huntington utility expenses.

2. The new Star Theater will soon have Boys and Girls rehearsing, building sets, making costumes, and getting ready for our first Boys and Girls Club of Huntington live playhouse theater. But, our roof leaks and is in danger of failing this winter. We need a new roof before the winter storms come in. The cost of a roof is $23,500 and we need resources and need them soon to save our playhouse theater from water damage. Your gifts are tax-deductible. Your help with the theater roof is our most pressing and present concern for the Boys and Girls Club of Huntington. Any help and assistance the community can give will be greatly appreciated.

The Board of Directors

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