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Letter to the editor: Scout appreciates use of new Blue Sage arena

By Cody Rudman


Hello my name is Cody Rudman, a scout from Cleveland First ward troop, #302 . I am working on my communications merit badge.

I participated in the Dust Riders Riding Club. The riding club practice was held at the Blue Sage Arena in Castle Dale. The new indoor arena has made it really nice to practice in the mornings during the summer, and Joel Dorsch really helped with working the arena up to keep the dust down. We had 40 members in our club. The person organizing the riding club, Lana Kofford, did a good job controlling the kids. Lana did well in teaching us how to do the drill and speed events. We really appreciate all she does for our club and all the kids as individuals. We also won the competition against Carbon County.

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