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Huntington City

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In the November council meeting they discussed raising culinary water rates for those connections that are outside of city limits. This has been a continuous topic at Castle Valley Special Service District meetings although a change will not be made at the present time.

The council received much input from the citizens in attendance at the meeting. The council was appreciative of all those who commented and took no action at the current time.

The council discussed the hiring policy, vacation and sick leave policy and employee benefits for full-time employees. They discussed the amount of time that employees are allowed to accumulate for sick leave and vacation time. The council compared policies of other communities and policies of the county.

The council approved the meeting schedule for 2010. The meetings will continue to be held on the third Wednesday of each month.

The zoning administrator reported on the Helmer property. After receiving three bids as requested by the council, the city awarded Nielson Construction the bid and they removed the structures on the property and cleaned up the lot. This lot violated city code and state code. The city council would like other properties that are in violation of code to come into compliance and instructed the administrator to continue his efforts.

Councilman Travis Larsen wants the city to continue sending out letters encouraging property owners to clean up their property. He is also meeting with residents that leave vehicles and trailers on city streets too long.

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