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Castle Dale readies for the holidays

Staff writer

At the recent Castle Dale City Council meeting, Mayor Neal Peacock welcomed the two newly elected council members. The two, Julie Johansen Love and Jeremy Jewkes, were sitting in the audience to gain a greater perspective of the workings of the city council. They will be sworn into office at the first meeting of 2010 which will be held Jan 14 at 7 p.m. at city hall.

The first item of business for the council was to canvass the election. City recorder Carolyn Jorgensen informed the council of the number of absentee ballots and those ballots did not affect the election results. After hearing the final numbers of the votes, the council voted to accept the canvassing of the election. Three hundred seventy-eight voters participated in the election.

City enforcement officer Richard Herring informed the council he has been working to get those businesses who have not renewed their business licenses to take care of the matter. He also notified the council of several camp trailers and other items still parked on city streets. These items must be moved off city streets before snow falls to aid in snow removal.

Herring said the members of the fire department have all taken the driving class recently required by the fire district. "We recently had a meeting with XTO for emergency training. I will be working to bring the necessary people up to speed with the training," said Herring.

Councilman Jack Rogers stated the fire district has received grants and all of the fire stations in the county will be receiving a new truck. "We need to be thinking now of a place to house this new truck. Our present station is not adequate. We have at least a year to prepare," said Rogers.

Mayor Peacock said the new city website is up and running. "It is still a work in progress and will be updated as necessary," said Peacock. "The city's ordinances will be available for residents to read, and there will also be forms and burn permits available online. There will be links on the website for the Castle Dale businesses who have their own websites, and the county has assured us that their website will have a link to this new city site. Agendas for all city meetings will also be available on the site."

Councilman Brad Giles stated the special service district is working on outside water connection issues. They requested and received funding from the Permanent Community Impact Board for these issues.

Jorgensen gave the council a letter the city has received from the Cottonwood Irrigation Company. The company is in the process of acquiring funding from the Bureau of Reclamation for a pipeline system to be installed. This letter informs Castle Dale there may be an additional assessment per water share to raise the remainder of the funding.

Jorgensen stated the cemetery plan is now printed out and available for viewing in the city office. "We are still working on it to make sure it is accurate and complete," said Jorgensen. She encouraged everyone to come and look at the plan and inform them of any inaccuracies.

Mayor Peacock announced the city's Christmas party will be held Dec. 10 from 5-7 p.m. The next city council meeting will follow that party at 7 p.m.

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