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Letter to the Editor: Thank you Emery High Football

By Wayne and Elise Tuttle

Dear Editor:

This letter is to thank the players and coaches of the Emery High School football team for the effort and excitement of this past season. It was a season in which this team competitively had a chance to win each game that they played, winning five of those games. A mistake or penalty at just the wrong time was the difference in most of the losses incurred by this team, but that's high school football.

In many of the games they faced schools with up to twice as many players on the team. It also had to do with the excellent coaching the boys received. Thank you to Coach Jones and his staff for not only coaching the skills necessary for a successful season, but also for instilling in the boys a love and respect for the game, their opponents, officials and the fans.

To us Coach Jim Jones is Emery High School football and should remain head coach for as long as he has the desire and drive to continue. He should retire from coaching the program on his, and his family's terms and schedule, and not on the terms of a policy arbitrarily administrated. He has earned that respect and choice. Thank you again to the players, coaches and others associated with this past wonderful football season.

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