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Lady Spartans win battle with Lady Dinos

Emery wins the close game by a score of 49-46 over the Lady Dinos.

Sports writer

Whenever there is a game between Emery and Carbon high schools, one can almost always be assured that a battle will take place as these two schools hate to lose to each other and they will do whatever is possible to win. Last week, at Emery High, they played a girls basketball game and Emery barely prevailed 49-46.

Tia Pappas was on fire when it came to shooting a basketball and nothing the Spartans did all game seemed to prevent the Dino player from scoring at will. Tia finished the game with 24 points and was the leading scorer on the floor for either team.

Abbie Kay and Taylor Mann were the leading scorers for Emery as both had 13 points. Abbie was six for seven from the field and Taylor was six for 10 from the field. Both had great shooting nights. In fact, Emery shot 68 percent for the game on 2-point field goals and 33 percent on 3-point field goals. Shooting was not a problem in this game.

The problem in this game was fouls. Carbon did not foul much and Emery did. When Carbon went to the free throw line, the Dinos shot well at 70 percent. When Emery went to the free throw line, they shot 50 percent.

Then the problem was who got the fouls for the Spartans. Taylor and Abbie both finished the game with four fouls apiece and spent great lengths of time resting instead of playing, and that is a problem.

With Mann and Kay on the floor, Emery is as good as anybody and Emery will take a lead in a game. With those two on the bench, Emery currently is vulnerable on the court.

Abbie finished with the 13 points plus she had three rebounds, five assists, two steals and a blocked shot. Taylor finished with the 13 points and then also had four rebounds and a blocked shot.

Markette Tanner was two for two on 2-point field goals with four points and two assists. Jessica Murray was two for five from behind the 3-point line, had eight points, four assists and three steals. Brooke Jensen had a point and an assist. Tayler Jewkes had six points, three assists, three steals and only two turnovers playing the point guard position. Kim Oldroyd scored four points.

With Taylor and Abbie on the floor, Emery led 13-6 after the first quarter. With players in foul trouble, Emery led 22-21 at the half. With all players back on the floor in the third quarter, Emery's lead went back to 36-27.

This week, the Spartans host Stansbury on Tuesday and then will host Canyon View on Thursday.

Sophomore games start at 3:30 p.m., JV games at 5:15 p.m. and varsity at 7 p.m.

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