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Cleveland Elementary celebrates with parade

Cleveland Elementary will proudly diplay their Blue Ribbon School banner.
Aba Kumi presents the award in Washington DC to teacher Vickl Rasmussen and Cleveland Elementary Principal Ed Clark.

Cleveland Elementary is celebrating their recent Blue Ribbon School national award. Principal Ed Clark and teacher Vicki Rasmussen attended the award ceremony in Washington DC where they received the award.

"Cleveland was one of 314 schools recognized this year nationwide out of 177,000 schools," said Clark.

"One in every 564 schools was awarded this honor. We are proud of our school and all the faculty and staff and students and community members who have helped us become a great place to be. If we can maintain our state core test averages over the next three years we will be eligible to win again.

"Cleveland Elementary School is the second school in the Emery District to receive this honor over the past seven years. This reflects well on the quality of education we have in Emery County and upon the good people who work for the Emery School District. It proves that even as tough as the No Child Left Behind standards are that improvement can be made and that schools can succeed. All the schools are continually getting better because of this," said Clark.

Each of the classes at Cleveland Elementary as well as several community members and the fire department took part in the celebration parade.

After the parade a program was held at the school where the award was presented to the studentbody and the banner will be on display at the school.

Local school board officials as well as State Senator David Hinkins attended the festivities at the school.

Rasmussen told the students at Cleveland Elementary what an honor this award is and how proud she is of Cleveland Elementary.

Emery Schools Supt. Kirk Sitterud congratulated the school for their hard work and encouraged them to keep up the good work.

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