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County seniors gather to celebrate Christmas

Santa and Mrs. Claus pass out gifts at the senior Christmas party.

Guest Writer

Emery County elected officials chaired by Commissioner Laurie Pitchforth organized and presented an evening of dining and entertainment for a large crowd of seniors that braved the cold to come to the San Rafael Museum for a free meal and entertainment. As people entered the room they were asked to write their name on a card and put it in a box for a later drawing.

Commissioner Pitchforth started the evening with a welcome and a prayer of a blessing on the evening and the food by Commissioner Gary Kofford.

This great meal consisted of a salad, turkey, dressing, potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, and a roll. For dessert there was pumpkin, lemon meringue, banana cream, minced meat pies and even sugar free ice cream bars. The meal was served by the elected officials and county employees.

The entertainment started off with Nicole Sanders singing those wonderful old time Christmas carols and playing Christmas songs on the piano. She was joined by her father Ron and her mother Pat singing several other Christmas songs.

The big event of the evening was the arrival of Mr and Mrs. Santa Claus who with their elves, (county officials) handed out gifts until the gifts were gone. The procedure Santa used was to select a name of the person to get a gift from one bag and then select a number from a second bag. That number corresponded to the number of a gift on the gift table. The elves rushed among the tables delivering the gifts to the winners.

Shala Pitchforth then sang some popular Christmas songs while dancing for the large group.

Everyone said they had a great time, the food was good the entertainment and Santa was great and they especially enjoyed the gifts. Commissioner Pitchforth thanked the other Commissioners Kofford and Horrocks and elected officials all those that helped in making this a successful evening. She also thanked Marie Anderson of Emery for doing the decorating and the group from Green River who furnished the cinnamon rolls.

Director Maughn Guymon thanked everyone for coming to the museum for the Emery County Senior Dinner and wished them all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. He thanked the commissioners for what they have done for the seniors.

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