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Letter to the Editor: Thankful for pool

By Staci Moss


As the Emery County Aquatics Center has been open a year, I would just like to extend an incredibly huge thank you to everyone who made this wonderful facility a reality. Please know that your persistence and efforts were worth it and are greatly appreciated by all of us who have the opportunity to swim there.

The beautiful design of the building (i.e. all the big windows) makes it such an enjoyable place to be. Having the kitchen area available for parties, lap swim times and aquasize classes are additional assets.

A special thanks to Annette and the others who open the pool at 5 a.m. The Aquatics Center is definitely a positive addition to our community.

Thanks also to Marilyn Collard, Andrea Johansen, and Tammy Oliverson for doing such an incredible job with the high school swim team. Our children are learning so much and I just wanted to express my appreciation for the time, dedication and knowledge these women so unselfishly share with them.

It has been a great experience to attend the home swim meets. Marilyn, Andrea and Tammy have them so well organized and, with the help of their incredible staff, execute them with such professionalism.

Off the subject of swimming but another thank you I would like to extend is to all Emery County motorists who are so considerate of bikers/runners/walkers out on the road. We really appreciate you slowing down and going out and around us when you see us.

We certainly are lucky to live in such a wonderful community. I would have to say that Emery County is a great place to live, work and exercise.

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