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Shop with a cop at ALCO and Walmart

Shantelle Erickson shops with the help of Sgt. Norm Vuksinick and Deputy Tyson Huntington.


The annual Shop with a Cop was held recently at ALCO and at Walmart. Deputies Shaun Bell, Mike Jorgensen, AJ O'Neil, Garrett Conover, Tyson Huntington and Sgts. Norm Vuksinick and Mitch Vetere participated. They helped the participants choose gifts and pushed the cart with their load of treasures.

The deputies also kept track of the spending of the child. ALCO and Walmart donated the money for use in the Shop with a Cop program.

Emery County Sheriff LaMar Guymon said, "I think the program is very worthwhile, it gives the officers a chance to interact with some of our less fortunate people and also gives the individual the opportunity to see the police in a different light. A police officer is not just someone who gives tickets. A lot of people need a little extra help around Christmas time.

"Our deputies are happy to provide this service with our youth. Each of the elementary schools nominate a child or family to Shop with a Cop. This service helps brighten the holidays for some of our county residents," said Sheriff Guymon.

This night's shoppers included Shantelle Erickson. She went up and down the toy aisles searching for the perfect gifts. She was looking for boots for herself and also some gifts to give her little brothers.

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