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Emery County Care and Rehab remodel

A new entry way and driveway will accommodate the residents and visitors in a more efficient manner. The new awning will protect residents from the weather as they access the building.


The Emery County Municipal Building Authority met in their December meeting. They discussed the Children's Justice Center. A lease agreement will be signed for $500 a month.

In the Emery County Care and Rehab project a repayment schedule of $3,500 per month will be paid for the remodel project. This is under the same lease as when the existing building was constructed. This rent payment will begin in January 2010.

Commissioner Gary Kofford said there were a number of change orders for the remodel on the care center. They have started tearing up floors and the vinyl installers said they wouldn't guarantee the vinyl if it is laid over existing vinyl. It was determined they would lay a quarter inch plywood over the old floor and install the new floor on that. The money that wasn't used to remove tile will go towards the cost of the new subfloor. "We are going to need a new roof on the south wing, the shingles are curling. It will maybe go another year. We are looking into why this roof deteriorated so quickly and we'll find out if it is still under warranty," said Kofford.

It was also discovered the wiring isn't sufficient to cover the extra use from the new space heaters in each room. The space heaters are kicking the breakers and kicking the mains. One section of feed line was pulled out and it is small wire with no breakers. Commissioner Kofford instructed the contractor to have their electrical engineer come up with a new plan to power the building before a fire breaks out. "This will be a major expense," said Kofford.

Commissioner Jeff Horrocks said, "It's got to be fixed. We are trying to maintain operations at the care center during the remodel. They are painting the new section and there is heat in the new section."

Horrocks reported the county has applied for a grant through the CDBG for the food bank. If the grant comes through the county will construct a new building behind the current building. The old building will be torn down and the space used for parking. This will be a county project and not a municipal building authority project.

The budgeted amount for the food bank is $400,000 and the architect estimates are $350,000. If the county is awarded this grant, the money would still be a year away. The grant will be $350,000 if it is awarded and the county will have to find the other money somewhere.

Kofford said improvements to the airport are still in the works and a large project where the trailer is relocated, along with the trees, and one of the hangers to create an adequate clear zone for the runway is being considered. It would call for a new entrance into the airport and the existing entrance would be closed. Estimated cost of the project is $339,000. Horrocks said the improvements to the airport have resulted in more pilots using the airport from out of the area.

The next municipal building authority board meeting will be on Jan. 12, 2010 at 2 p.m.

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