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Letter to the editor: Health care reform could cost Democrats

By Ned Scarlet


The Democrat Party is showing a willingness to pass unpopular legislation in order to protect us with its own unique version of healthcare. This could put them on the road to lose their majorities in next year's Congressional elections. It would seem the long term goal of controlling the nation's healthcare is more important than what they foresee as a temporary loss of power should they be defeated.

I remember as a child my older brother would sometimes tease me. Finally in my defense, I would unveil the nuclear option of threatening to tell Mom and Dad. My older brother would not be fazed by this tactic. He would simply reply with theatrical resignation that since I was committed to squealing and getting him in trouble, he might as well continue until he was sure he had gotten his money's worth of satisfaction.

Now the country is in the same position I found myself in as a child. Feeling wronged, many have threatened the Democrats with the applicable nuclear option, throwing them out of office in the next election. What if, like my older brother, the Democrats decide now is the time to get their money's worth of all their desired, but often unpopular legislation?

This show of contempt towards our retaliation, if the Democrats pass healthcare legislation, might only be a harbinger of what's to come. Before next year's elections we might be saying good-bye to many of our freedoms. I suppose then we can hope the loss is only temporary, as it will be, unless the freedom to vote has also been consumed by the Presidents campaign mantra of, "This is the change we have been waiting for."

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