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Letter to the editor: Will Congress and the President participate?

By Michael J. Odorizzi
Canyon Country Calif.


It is amazing that so many voters do not understand what our Congress and President Obama are planning for us voters that elected them. They want to give us another massive bureaucracy to administer our health care. What most voters do not understand is that the so-called health care reform does not apply to Congress or to our President. They have their own health plan that is very lavish, and we voters cannot be part of it, but we must pay for it.

During an ABC-TV special on health care, Obama was asked, "Will you and your family give up your current health care program and join the new program that the rest of us will be on?" Obama ignored the question and refused to answer it. Some Senators were asked the same question and they said, "We will think about it." And they did. They said that Congress will be 100 percent exempt.

So, the new plan is good for us voters, but not good enough for the Obama family and Congress. What fools we must be to have our elected servants have a much better plan than the voters who hired them.

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