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Buckhorn Archers ready for shooting season

Kacey Farnsworth practices with her bow as she prepares for the new winter shooting season at the Emery County Recreation Center.

Yes it's that time again for winter league to start. If you have a bow and arrows, come and join the fun. It will get you out of the house and off the couch for some fun once a week. You will also get in shooting shape for the archery hunt.

It's something the entire family can do together, plus it's a fun time. The league started their season on Jan. 6. The first night was signup night and also a shoot for fun and a sight-in. If you didn't make it that night you can still join all season long. The club shoots every Wednesday night.

They are starting a traditional category so if you have a long or recurve bow and want to join in the fun come give it a try. Registration is still $20 for a single or $30 for a family. You must purchase insurance at a cost of $7 a year. The weekly fee is $7 a night. If you are helping any shooter, you have to purchase the insurance even if you're not shooting.

If you are a person 18 or younger and are still in high school, it is free for you to shoot each week. You still have to pay registration and insurance.

Randy O'Neal said, "If you have a child, and would like them to get involved come and talk with us. Archery helps kids build confidence in themselves. We will have at least one indoor 3-D shoot during the season, as well as our annual shoot up Huntington Canyon in the spring. If you're a dedicated hunter you can get some hours by helping the club throughout the season just talk to me about it." Contacts: Randy 749-3393, Carl 653-2417, Travis 749-0233, AJ 749-2669, Brook 749-1096, and Daniel 749-0206.

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