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Peter Sharp appears in court

Peter Simon Sharp appeared before Judge George Harmond on Jan. 5. Sharp has been charged with the shooting deaths of his parents William and Charmaine Sharp on Oct. 21, 2009.

Sharp has been incarcerated at the Emery County Jail since that time.

The appearance in court on Jan. 5 was to hear the results of mental evaluations which were to have taken place since the time of his last appearance in November 2009.

Judge Harmon said the defendent was present along with his legal counsel David Allred. Brent Langston represents the state of Utah as the prosecutor in the case. Langston reported that Sharp has been interviewed by Dr. Nielson.

Another doctor was scheduled to come down and conduct an interview as well, but he was not able to do so because of bad weather conditions. This interview has been rescheduled.

Judge Harmon asked if the interview would take place in time that a report would be available by the next law and motion day of Feb. 2. Langston said yes it would be complete by then.

Judge Harmon directed the matter would continue until Feb. 2 at which time the results of both reports would be reviewed.

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