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Pinnacle Academy visits museum

Teacher Craig Royce explains the history behind the exhibits at the museum.


Students from the Pinnacle Canyon Academy spent some time at the Museum of the San Rafael recently. They came over to view the many historical items and creatures at the museum. The students from the academy could chose from a variety of field trips available to go along with what they have been learning in school.

The Museum of the San Rafael features a selection of the skeletons of Albertosaurus, Chasmosaurus, Animantarx, and the skull of Tyrannosaurs Rex tell the story of a past world long buried in the soils of the present.

In the outer circle of the Museum of the San Rafael's Great Exhibit Hall, you can see animals in their natural habitat. Each animal is an exquisite example of the art of taxidermy and most appear frozen in motion. Some of the animals include: a bobcat, yellow-bellied marmot, elk, cougar, bear and a big horn sheep.

Some of the most unique archaeological finds in the U.S. have been found in the caves and rock ledges of Emery County. Skilled artisans shaped the baskets, pots, projectile points, yucca ropes, and leather bundles. What became of these people? The Museum of the San Rafael holds only the clues.

Some of the artifacts include the Sitterud Bundle and Fremont Pottery. A special exhibit highlights Range Creek and a brief history of the people there and some of the modern farming and ranching in the area are highlighted.

The students seemed to enjoy a trip into the rock room where the rocks glowed under ultraviolet lights. The Museum of the San Rafael boasts a large room where many meetings, activities and weddings are held. If you haven't been in the museum for a long time, it's time to rediscover the Museum of the San Rafael to look at the new exhibits and renew your acquaintance with the past.

Margaret Keller is the museum director.

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