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Orangeville begins new year with new mayor

New council member, Mark Tuttle, new mayor, Pat Jones and re-elected council member Carole Larsen take the oath of office at the first council meeting of the year in Orangeville.
Colton Leavitt as Mayor with councilmembers Allison Barnum, Tiffany Tuttle, Jacob Tuttle and Tyler Cox. This Youth City Council will be under the direction of Carmen Humphrey. L to R. Tyler Cox, Jacob Tuttle, Tiffany Tuttle, Colton Leavitt and Allison Barnum.

Guest Writer

Prior to the City Council meeting Jan. 14, an open house was held at the Orangeville Community Center for the outgoing Mayor Bart Cox and Councilmember James Davis along with the incoming Mayor Patrick Jones and Councilmember Mark Tuttle. Several people attended to thank Bart and James for their service also to welcome the new mayor and council member.

The meeting was then taken to Orangeville City Hall for the Orangeville City Council meeting.

After the opening ceremonies of the meeting conducted by Mayor Bart Cox, the new Mayor Patrick Jones and councilmembers Carole Larson and Mark Tuttle were sworn in as members of the Orangeville City Council by recorder Ruanne Leeflang.

As Mayor Jones was taking office he presented a plaque and an engraved hunting knife to former Mayor Bart Cox with the comment that Bart should not skin any black rabbits with the knife (an inside joke). James Davis was not present to receive his plaque and engraved hunting knife.

The city council agreed without dissension to re-appoint recorder Ruanne Leeflang and treasurer Cindy Nielson

Leaflang was then sworn in by Nielson and Nielson was sworn in by Leeflang.

The Youth City Council members were next sworn in with Colton Leavitt as Mayor with councilmembers Allison Barnum, Tiffany Tuttle, Jacob Tuttle and Tyler Cox. This Youth City Council will be under the direction of Carmen Humphrey.

The mayor assigned himself to be a member of the Emery County Special Service District.

John Bell was appointed to be a member of the Emery County Recreation District.

Amanda Lake was granted a business license for medical coding. She explained the company she works for wants her to be a self employed contract worker and not an employee.

Phil Fauver requested that people coming before the city council should state their name and address at the podium microphone for the benefit of the hearing impaired.

The city council approved the permit of one animal unit for Carl Beckstead.

The city council decided Christmas in the Park will be scheduled for Dec. 4.

The pros and cons of Orangeville Days versus July 24 was discussed with several members of the public voicing opinions. After some deliberation the city council decided they wanted Orangeville Days combined with the July 24 celebration.

Dennis Tuttle the Zoning Administrator reviewed and gave a discourse on the requirements for annexing property to Orangeville City as required by ordinances of Orangeville and the State of Utah.

Courtney Cox announced that the rabies clinic for dogs will be held Jan. 16, and Feb. 27 at Orangeville's New Fire Station from 10 a.m.-12 noon.

Jeffery Tuttle reported that Orangeville City's cost per acre foot of water will be raised to $1.92 by the Water Conservancy District for operation and maintenance. The city has about 837 water shares of water at this time.

Carole Larsen said she appreciated the work of Kim Heiniger an Orangeville city employee that removed the snow from in front of the Library and the city buildings. She compared his work to another city where the snow and ice had not been removed from in front of the library creating a dangerous situation.

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