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Public information book on Utah's Energy Landscape

Did you know that Utah is one of only six states that generate electricity from geothermal sources? Did you know that Utah recently produced its one billionth ton of coal? Did you know that Utah has the second lowest price for home-heating natural gas in the nation? Did you know that Utah has been a net-exporter of energy since 1980? These little known facts, along with many more interesting details, can be found in the Utah Geological Survey's new publication Utah's Energy Landscape - a visual-based comprehensive description of Utah's entire energy portfolio.

The state of Utah is fortunate to have abundant and diverse energy resources including large reserves of fossil fuels, several areas suitable for renewable resource development, and vast quantities of untapped unconventional energy sources. This publication provides an overview of each resource, including maps, graphs, helpful explanations, and photographs.

For those interested in obtaining the numbers behind the graphs, each page includes a reference to available historical data, "Utah Energy and Mineral Statistics," located on the UGS's Web site: .

Energy is vital to Utah's economy, whether from production of resources, turning these resources into usable formats, or consumption of resources to power everyday activities.

The information in this publication will hopefully inform Utahns of the importance of energy to our everyday lives. The full color, 41-page booklet (Public Information Series 95) is available for $18.95 at the Natural Resources Map & Bookstore located at 1594 West North Temple, Salt Lake City (801-537-3320, or 1-888-UTAHMAP;

The Utah Geological Survey provides timely scientific information about Utah's geologic environment, resources and hazards.

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