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District Discusses Road Issues

On Nov. 4, the Emery County Special Service District # 1 held their monthly meeting in the conference room at the Court House. The meeting began promptly at 4 p.m. Merrill Swasey, chairman conducted the meeting. Board members, Bevan Wilson, Mervin Duncan, Dean King and Richard Jensen were present. Also in attendance was Leslie Bolinder the secretary for the District.

The first agenda item was to hear from Johansen and Tuttle Engineering for a report on all the current and future projects. Howard Tuttle from Johansen and Tuttle reported on the guard rail project at Millsite Reservoir. The guard rail has been installed above the reservoir along the portions of county road. Tuttle stated that the project has been completed. Duncan commented the guard rail has improved safety and it looks very good.

Tuttle went on to discuss the North Elmo roadway project. He stated that work had begun last monday on the road work. Wilson added the design correction had been made and it had not delayed the project, everything is on schedule. Johansen stated that, as a side note, the original six mile stretch of road was built in 1960 and the cost to the county was $13,000.

Tuttle's next item was the Consol road. He said the company is urging him to get the road paved right away. He then stated the weather is too cold to lay pavement and he asked the board what they wanted to be done. After some discussion of the state's specifications on the laying of pavement, the board recommended to finish the road with the gravel base and enzyme, but not to pave until the weather is warmer.

Tuttle also reported that Consol needed a grade change on the road to their scales. He reported Consol will cover the added expenses to make this modification.

The south Moore work was next to be discussed. Johansen reported the research and paper work on the rights-of-way are being done and when those are done the first phase of this project would be complete. This project is to construct entry ways for gated access to Castle Valley Ranch.

Projected start date for the next phase is March or April 2003.

He reported on the work that had to be done before the bids could be let out.

Swasey moved on to the next agenda item which was the financial report and paying the bills. With some discussion of the financial standing of the district a motion was made to pay the bills.

Item three on the agenda was the tentative budget for 2003.

With some discussion of time frames and projects forecasts, the tentative budget was accepted and a public hearing to discuss the tentative budget was scheduled for Dec. 9 at 4 p.m.

The minutes were corrected and approved with some discussion of the lighting project at the airport. The next meeting of the Emery County Special Service District #1 will be Dec. 9.

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