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Letter to the Editor: Comments on Senator Reid



Senator Reid's now infamous statement, which came to light last week, pointed out that since then candidate Obama's skin was light colored and he only spoke in a Negro dialect when he chose to, that he could possibly be elected President in 2008.

Some are angry about this statement, and some pretend not to hear it. Reid's opposing party demands the same treatment their members receive under similar circumstances. Harry's party points to his quick atonement before our anointed race arbitrators.

I do not believe it to be a racist statement; rather it highlights the different standard applied to each political party concerning matters of implied racism. Democrats get a pass, Republicans do not. Why, because Democrats support programs the liberal media generally support, while the Republicans often oppose these programs.

I do believe Reid's statement is insulting to the American people. It illustrates the distain he has for our ability to fairly elect a president. He does not believe, that for several generations, we have been shedding our sins of the past and have reached the point of ignoring skin color. There are exceptions, some of them glaring, but I strongly believe the majority of citizens have realized Dr. Martin Luther King's dream of equality and live it every day.

Perhaps Senator Reid needs to find a different crowd to hang with. Maybe his ramblings are primarily influenced by colleagues who cling to a society that is ranked by skin color and not character. Hopefully after next November, with a little Nevada luck, he will acquire a better group of friends that will have a healthier influence on him.

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