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Huntington holds public hearing

Sports writer

The Huntington City January city council meeting started off with a public hearing held for the purpose of discussing an application to the CIB for funds to cover 50 percent of the cost of improvements to the south side of 400 North between 400 West and 550 West and to 300 East between 300 North and 400 North. Projected cost of the project is approximately $450,000.

Residents of the areas spoke in favor of the projects. It seems both areas have water concerns after big rainstorms. All residents that spoke at the hearing were in favor of the improvements if money can be obtained. The City Council was generally in favor of proceeding with the process necessary to obtain a grant.

Dawayne Johnson came before the city council to complain about a humming noise that runs consistently at the Maverik store in Huntington. Johnson lives just south of the store and states that the noise "invades his privacy and rattles his windows." He wants a solution.

The noise comes from a burner that is supposed to run from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily but often runs during the night. The burner is necessary to keep water from invading the gas.

The Maverik area manager was in attendance and stated that Maverik wants to be a good neighbor and that they have already insulated the shed and fixed the reset on the burner. They will also install a battery backup for the times power is lost. Maverik will try to resolve the issue.

Huntington City requested and received three bids to replace the furnace in the town hall. After looking at the specs and prices of bids placed by Dugmore Heating, Rams Industries and Anderson Heating, Anderson Heating was awarded the bid.

Business licenses were granted to Jesse Nielson for JN Auto, to Bret and Marlene Fausett for JC'S Spud Works, to JB Oviatt for Oviatt's Computer Barn and to Matt Anderson for Anderson Heating and Air.

Changes were also discussed for improvements at the rodeo grounds for lighting. The city has remaining CIB money that must be used at the rodeo facility and the city had five local contractors pick up bid packages.

The Mayor Hilary Gordon handed out assignments to the city councilmen: Jeff Cowley will head parks and recreation and Easter, Julie Jones will oversee the cemetery, youth council, economic development, Mark Justice wil be in charge of beautification, rodeo grounds and Christmas, Travis Larsen will supervise the fire department, water, safety and the Heritage Days fun run and Jerry Livingston will head roads, planning and zoning and dogs. Mayor Gordon will oversee all departments and take care of Heritage Days, personnel and office employees, Castle Valley Special Service District, AOG and Council of governments.

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