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Elmo mayor and councilmembers take office

Mayor Kirt Rasmussen and council members, Ryan Jensen and Stoney Jensen take the oath of office.


Elmo began the new year with the swearing in of the newly elected officials. Mayor Kirt Rasmussen was re-elected to his position along with Ryan Jensen and newly elected councilmember Stoney Jensen. They were sworn into office by town clerk/recorder Delena Fish. Tate Jensen addressed the council letting them know he has equipment and can help with snow removal or grave digging or whatever the town might need.

The council made note of the street lights that are out around town and where street lights need to be installed in town. The town would like Rocky Mountain Power to fix those that are out. RMP needs a copy of the meeting minutes where the request is made to install lights.

The council members reviewed the applications received for a town employee. The employee will take care of the parks, cemetery, snow removal and other duties. Preference will be given to an Elmo resident. A committee will select three or four people from the applicants and interviews will be set-up for the position.

The council discussed upcoming plans and events for Elmo. The Horse and Buggy Days committee has requested that Horse and Buggy Days be scheduled for Aug. 10-14. Mayor Rasmussen said the council would like to have a variety of community building events throughout the year to bring the people of Elmo together. He mentioned the scarecrow contest they had in Ferron during October and after the event there was a soup supper for all participants and awards were given.

Mayor Rasmussen wants to hold a contest where residents carve blocks of snow and make snow sculptures. Jensen suggested maybe a snowman building contest. The council was in agreement on holding events of this type. Another project to be undertaken will be a city wide service project where a project will be defined such as a clean-up day or helping a resident with their property.

Mayor Rasmussen made the council assignments for 2010. The mayor will be a member of the Castle Valley Special Service District. Clark Atwood will take care of the fire department and the LEPC. Caleen Wilcox will serve on the Recreation board. Stoney Jensen will take care of zoning clearances and work with planning and zoning issues. Ryan Jensen will help with planning and zoning and beautification. Delena Fish will serve on the economic development council.

Wilcox wondered how the insurance works for snow plows in the city. Fish said they are covered under the city insurance and she just keeps a copy of the drivers license on record there. A citizen voiced concerns to Wilcox because she didn't have a driveway. The council said the sidewalk was in place there before the resident put a home there, so any responsibility for a driveway belongs to the homeowner.

Atwood reported the fire department is looking forward to the new fire truck which will come some time this year. The trucks are being purchased with CIB money and there will be one for each town in the county.

Ryan Jensen said the city has three small tents and one large tent in storage in the old fire station and they can be used at events.

Fish said the mayor needs to sign the audit and the audit will be complete soon.

The council made a motion to change the meeting dates for Elmo for 2010. They will be moved to the first Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m.

The next meeting will be on Feb. 3 at 7 p.m.

A resident wondered if the fire hydrant will be replaced by Pizzutos. Mayor Rasmussen said it will as soon as weather permits and a new fire hydrant will also be put in place by Beehive Homes.

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