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Help for Haiti

Robyn Saupan helps at the sucker sale fund raiser. Madelyn Kave gets ready to buy a sucker.


Castle Dale Elementary is working on a fund raising project to offer help to Haiti. When the students learned of the devastation of the recent earthquakes in Haiti the students wanted to help. They began to think of ways to raise money they could send to the country in crisis. The fourth grade class with the help of their teacher Robyn Saupan decided to organize a sucker sale during the morning and afternoon recesses.

The sale was such a success the fourth graders ran out of suckers and had to purchase more. Saupan said, "Many if not all the schools in Haiti have been destroyed. When the children learned of this, they really wanted to raise money to help in the rebuilding of these damaged schools. They hope their money can also be used to purchase school supplies for the children. We have had such good support from the students of Castle Dale Elementary. We are selling the suckers for 50 cents each. We have been holding the sucker sales for a week and we will continue to sell until we run out of suckers. It has been a quick and easy fund raiser for the children. We asked our Principal Ralph Worthen if we could do something to help the children of Haiti and he has been very supportive of this fund raiser. He is very supportive of service projects and Castle Dale Elementary students are often involved in service to others," said Saupan.

The students lined up in the commons area during each morning and afternoon to purchase the suckers. Mikaela Jensen, student at the school said, "It's nice that we can help out. We should help people who are having trouble. Some of the kids are donating money, but not taking the suckers so they can be sold again. This raises even more money."

Saupan has been checking into the organization that rebuilds the schools as well as the Doctors without Borders foundation to see where best to send the money raised by the Castle Dale students. So far the students have raised more than $245 and they hope the total will keep climbing. If you would like to make a donation to the Castle Dale students Help for Haiti project you can contact Saupan or Principal Worthen at Castle Dale elementary at 381-5221.

Saupan said, "Our students here at Castle Dale elementary do many good things and we want people to know about it."

The goal for the students was three boxes to raise $150. The final tally far exceeded their expectations with $556 being raised.

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