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Road fight to continue on Emery County roads


The Emery County road fight is back on track again. On Jan. 29 an extension was filed to allow more time for the State Attorney General's Office to gather more information concerning the seven roads. Roads include: Mexican Mountain, Sids Leap, Red Hole Draw, Junes Bottom, Copper Globe, Segers and Links Flat. Commissioner Kofford pointed out some of these roads are on the BLM system. Part of the Mexican Mountain road is open and part of the Sids Leap road is open. "If anyone can provide information on these roads, then please come forward," said Commissioner Kofford.

Harry Suvall is one of the lawyers working on Emery County's case for the state of Utah.

"We filed an extension to respond to and discuss information on new witnesses and following up leads," said Suvall.

The county will be in a better position when the new witnesses and leads have been followed up. After that time, then the decision will be made from reviewing the new material to see if the case is viable to move forward. This interviewing should take another two-three weeks time. After the information gathering and evaluation of the results of the material, then the Attorney General's Office will visit with county officials and a decision will be made at that time. "In my estimation, we will go forward," said Suvall.

Suvall said at the time the case was being considered to be put on hold they didn't feel they had sufficient information at that time. But, in obtaining new and additional information the case may still be pursued.

New witnesses have first hand information of use on the roads in question. These witnesses will be interviewed and their information recorded or written statements will be taken. Some of these witnesses may be able to testify in court on their knowledge of the roads in question. New information coming in has been very useful said Suvall. "It's a cooperative effort with the county," said Suvall.

Suvall said the children of those using the roads have become excellent sources. The lawyers will continue to investigate and follow-up on additional leads. The state will continue to work with the Emery County Commissioners. "We are all on the same page and the more information the better. Anyone with any additional information concerning these roads can contact the state public lands office at 801-537-9801, and one of our staff members will follow-up," said Suvall.

Initially the state will interview by telephone and then they will schedule a meeting in person if the information is deemed useful to the investigation. "We routinely meet with local people. Any public participation is welcome and encouraged," said Suvall.

Suvall has been active in cases in Kane County and throughout the state of Utah. He pursues litigation concerning RS-2477 right of ways and reopening valid roads and protecting roads against closure in the future.

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