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Into the Woods


Green River High Gives Excellent Performance

Green River students and community members perform a medley of fairy tales to the delight of the audience.

Green River High School along with the community put on the musical Into the Woods last week on Nov. 6, 8 and9. The large cast put on a great show where the acting and singing was superb. The story is a creative rendition of many well-known fairy tales combined that makes one entire new story. Stories such as Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, and Little Red Riding Hood are all intertwined and combined with the story of the Baker & His Wife to produce an amazing show. The first act tells the familiar tales and ends with happy ever after. The second act of the play goes on to reveal what could happen after happy ever after. Despite some controversy over some of the contents of the play, everyone who saw it agreed the cast was wonderful. Ren Hatt and Amy Lemon did an outstanding job as the Baker and his wife, a poor couple unable to have children because of an old curse. Rachel Dunham acted the part of the Witch who cast the curse on the Baker but then tells him how to reverse the curse. Jason Luke did remarkably well at portraying Jack from the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Tawni Bigelow did an amazing job as Cinderella. Savannah Bayles acted out as Little Red Riding Hood wonderfully. Kedric Bayles and Royd Hatt were the charming princes of Cinderella and Rapunzel as well as the wolves that delayed Red Riding Hood in the woods. McKenzie Spadafora took a dramatic hair change as Rapunzel. LuRey Vetere gave an entertaining portrayal of Jack's mother. The whole story was kept moving by the captivating story-telling abilities of the Narrator, Jerome Burns. The difficult music was performed well by the amazing number of good voices included in the cast. The many people who helped with costumes sets and all the other behind the scenes tasks did a marvelous job and are greatly appreciated for their hard work. Director Jessica Jenkins said about the play, It was a huge endeavor and a lot of work was put in by the cast and crew. Despite the few practices we had, the kids pulled it together at the last minute and it was a huge success.

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