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Hot times

Emery Town now boasts a state of the art fire station. The grand opening was Feb. 6.


The town of Emery celebrated the opening of the new fire station on Feb. 6. The building will house the fire trucks and there is a separate garage for the ambulance. The city offices for Emery Town have also been moved to the new building. It isn't known yet what the old fire station and town hall will be used for at this time, but options are being considered to hopefully raise some income for the town with the buildings.

The fire station became a reality with a grant/loan combination from the community impact board. The building has three large stalls for parking the fire trucks with three large doors to allow the fire trucks to quickly leave the building. The fire suits are lined up and all the fire equipment ready to put on in a moments notice. There are two offices within the fire station for use by the fire chief and EMTs.

There is a large weight room upstairs where fitness equipment has been donated to the fire station. This room is large and can also be used for training sessions. In the town office portion of the building there is a room available for holding the city council meetings.

The new fire station is a needed addition to the town. The old fire station had passed its prime and heating costs for the building caused a hardship for the town. The new fire station will be more energy efficient. The trucks will be kept at a temperature approximately 50 degrees. The ambulance garage will be heated at a higher level to keep the ambulance ready to depart quickly. There are several tall storage compartments in the ambulance garage for storage of extra supplies for the ambulance.

The fire station portion of the building will be kept locked at all times. The city offices will be accessible to the public during office hours. The February council meeting will be held in the new building. The contractor for the building was Velocity from Cedar City and the engineer for the project was Jones and Demille Engineering from Richfield with Brian Barton as the project manager.

The open house was held from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. to allow the public to look over the new facility. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held outside the station and the ribbon was cut by Nash and Alisha Roberts. Roberts thanked the Emery Mayor Mistie Christiansen for her help in securing the funding for the building and overseeing the construction phase of the project. The building will be used for the training of both fire fighters and EMTs. Community members appreciate the new building and are looking forward to its use in the community.

After the ribbon cutting attendees were treated to doughnuts and hot chocolate.

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