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CEU Sun Center sets a record for service

College of Eastern Utah Serving Utah's Network Center continued to set records as they completed 5,479 hours of service in the community involving 1,286 volunteers fall semester, reported its director Kathy Murray. The monetary worth of service to the community is $110, 949.75.

She said the SUN Center's biggest success in terms of volunteers was the Angel Tree project with 169 volunteers followed by the Bread 'N Soup nights with 160 volunteers. However, every project her students worked on was successful because it helped someone or something.

Murray said the Bread 'N Soup nights broke the previous record set last year, by collecting and donating $3,805 to the Carbon County Food Bank. This surpasses any donation made by CEU in the last 11 years, and brings the grand total to $23,533.59 that CEU has given to the food bank.

The SUN Center had 16 student leaders and more than 881 volunteers fall semester. They completed 32 projects.

"It's nice to see in black and white what has helped students build their own awareness of community, strengthened others in need. Service has also given opportunities for our students to develop talents, skills and peace of mind by scheduling time to include others needs into their very busy lives," she writes.

"Thanks for the support, strength and encouragement of the CEU community," she said. "We have Steven Nelson working with the faculty, Greg Benson as the representative for Utah State Campus Compact."

A significant grant for funding for the SUN Center came from the George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation who gave $13,000. Additional support was provided by the CEU Alumni Association, Tony Basso, and Van Mays Insurance.

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