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Junior prom news

Emery County's most elaborate social affair, like so many other things these days, is facing a financial crisis. The Emery High School Junior Prom has become the victim of simple economics: the revenue taken in is less than the expenditures going out. This has been the case for the past several years, leaving the prom with a big deficit. To help get this major event back to financial stability, adult guests at this year's prom will be charged a $1 admittance fee. Those under 18, who are attending the prom as a nonparticipant, will be admitted free of charge.

This should generate several hundred dollars to go toward prom expenses. The prom is entering the 2009-10 school year with a deficit of $515.

In the past, Junior Prom deficits were off-set by the revenue taken in at the Senior Ball which later became the Winter Ball. However, the attendance at the Winter Ball in 2009 was so poor that it did not meet expenses. As a result, the senior class this year chose not to sponsor the dance.

In addition, fewer students have attended the Junior Prom in recent years as enrollment has declined, minimizing gate receipts. Meanwhile, the costs of putting together the prom have increased each year.

Without charging adults to get into the prom, sponsors would have to cut back on expenses with fewer decorations and accessories. However, in discussions with advisors, junior class officers, and the Emery High School Community Council, that is not an option at least not this year.

Principal Larry Davis has authorized the admittance fee. PR work is underway to let the public know about the fee and the reasons behind it so that conflict may be avoided the night of the prom.

"We'll work with adults in hardship situations," Davis said. "We want everyone to have a positive experience at this year's prom, but we also need to get the financial end under control so that we can continue sponsoring the prom."

This year's prom will be held on March 5, in the Spartan Center.

For further information, contact Larry Davis, principal, at 381-2689.

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