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Life's a dance

The BYU ballroom dancers visit the Huntington Stake Valentine Dinner.

Guest Writer

The Huntington Stake hosted the BYU Ballroom Dance Company on Feb. 12 to cap off the evening of food and fun. About 300 people attended the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Huntington Stake Valentine dinner and entertainment from Brigham Young University.

The stake furnished the dinner at no charge, the menu was chicken cordon bleu, baked potato, vegetable, salad and cherry cobbler and was excellent said party goers.

The 32 dancers from BYU arrived in three vans, though a little late as one of the drivers, a student from France got interested in telling about France and missed the turn off for SR-6.

Darrell Gardner the High Councilman over activities for the Stake introduced Curt Holman, the Director of the BYU Ballroom Dance Program. Willie Frisbie furnished the sound equipment and music for the event.

Director Holman announced there would be a variety of dances performed, such as traditional dance, Latin American dance, jitter bug, the two step, a samba waltz, a traditional waltz, the West Coast swing and the Lindy swing.

During an intermission, Holman introduced three students of dance and they told how much they enjoyed the early morning dance classes, the instructors, and attending BYU. One of the students was from France, one from Utah and one from Mexico.

Holman has been teaching dance for more than 18 years and each year approximately 5,000 students take some kind of ballroom dance or dance technique class.

One hundred sixty dancers participate in the ballroom dance program. They are divided into five teams. The team of dancers that came to Huntington to display their talents is one of those five different teams. The audience was very enthusiastic with applause throughout the dancing and after each dance.

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