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Letters to the editor: Citizens fight for rights

By Sharon Holmstrom


An unfortunate group of homeowners in Eden, Utah have been taken captive by Powder Mountain developers. A law passed by the state legislature in 2007 allowed a developer to incorporate citizens into a town against their will, to appoint a town council to govern and tax them without their vote and denied these same citizens a vote for two years.

They are in the fight of their lives to regain their constitutional right to "no taxation without representation." The citizens held a community fundraiser to enable them to take their case to the Utah Supreme Court. In addition, Rep. Gage Froerer and Sen. Allen Christensen introduced bills (HB 218, which passed unanimously in the House last week and SB34 ) which would allow these citizens to petition the district court for a vote to disincorporate immediately if the developer incorporates them. The head of the Senate government operations committee, Jay Stuart Adams, has taken a position for the developer and against the people, saying he will block this bill from reaching the floor. Only public opinion will bring this injustice to light. If these citizens can lose their right to vote, so can all of us. Please help us. Support SB34.

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