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Letters to the editor: Correct disposal of electronics

By Paula Wellnitz


There was a very helpful article in the Magazine section, American Profile, in the Emery County Progress for Jan. 19 regarding the safest ways to deal with the various electronic equipment we may no longer have use for. I hope people read it. But, if they didn't I hope they can get a copy somewhere.

To just put any electronic equipment into, or out as, trash leaves us all liable to many health problems, as these items deteriorate into their various components.

If our health doesn't move us to dispose of electronic items safely, the fact that electronic materials contain many reusable elements may push us to recycle. This can save energy, save natural resources and give us more stable weather conditions.

I hope that those who did not see the article or its value will make the effort to get a copy. Then, I hope they will investigate to find out what electronics collection programs for disposal or reuse exist in the locality or, as needed, to work toward getting them.

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