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Buckhorn Scout leaders hold awards banquet for adults

Roseanna Dawes, Phil Ouzts, Bart Cox, Danna Gray, Clint Olsen, Jay Waddoups, Trudie Waddoups, and Garth Johnson, listen while Jack Dillon announces the awards.

Staff writer

Scout leaders from the Buckhorn District came together at the Orangeville church for their annual awards banquet recently. District chairman Scott Jewkes welcomed everyone and introduced Bart Cox who took the lead in the opening skit.

This skit was an auction for an ordinary boy. The boy's value was listed near $3 in mineral value. During the auction, several different groups including crime, business/industry, gambling/corruption, education, war, pleasure, and religion, made bids for the boy. The bidding got up to $450,000. Cox divided the groups into those of good and those of bad. They then combined their bidding to come up with one bid each. The group of bad things could not agree on a price because each one wanted to be in control. The group of good things valued the boy at $1 million and entered their bid.

When good was awarded the boy, they turned him over to the scouting program to raise him and teach him valuable life lessons. The skit was a demonstration of how much more valuable a boy's life can be if he is taught wholesome things.

Jack Dillon, a district executive, said, "This skit represents the true value of the boys in our charge." Dillon also noted he was glad to be in attendance at the banquet to stand in for the district executive who could not be there due to weather conditions. He led the group in the scout oath, and then read a moving poem entitled "What Do Boy Scouts Do?"

Dillon said the scouting program turned 100 years old in February. "Scouting has touched the lives of millions of boys over those years," he said.

Brinler Tanner, an Orangeville Scout, then administered the oath of office to the Buckhorn District Committee members in attendance. Those members are: Scott Jewkes, Jack Dillon, Jerel Lofley, Don Gordon, Garth Johnson, Steve Kemple, Gary Arrington, Jerry Jones, Beth Marshall, Melissa Esplin, Robyn Snow, Larry Heaton, Brian Jex, Brent Tuttle, Doug Parrish, Jeff Brower, Phil Ouzts, Jay and Trudie Waddoups, Pauline Sitterud, Roseanne Dawes, Valerie Winn, Jeff Curtis, James Winn, Marty Mason, Don Larsen, Courtney Cox, Paul Pulli, Hugh Christiansen, Danna Gray, Bart Cox, Tom Grant, and Clint Olsen.

Lofely administered the oath of office to Roseanne Dawes who was selected to be the Buckhorn District Unit Commissioner.

Jewkes, Lofley, and Dillon awarded the district awards. Cathy Cowley, Courtnee Justice and David Emery were given the training awards.

Swell awards were awarded to Nancy Jorgensen, Joleen Huntington, Valerie Winn, Dave Emery, Jeanie Olsen, Lee Moss, Kip Leavitt, Kent Keele, Dana Olsen, Robyn Snow, Jerilyn Mathis, Clint Olsen, Melody Conover, Nikki Withers, Royce Stilson, Lynnette and Jerry Withers, Jim Pyper, and Jay Mark Humphrey.

Second Miler awards went to Jeff Brower, Stanley Martineau, Robert Blackburn, Nancy Orgill, Cathy Cowley, and Paul Cowley.

Jay Waddoups, Trudie Waddoups, Geoff Madsen, and Brian Dawes were given the District Awards of Merit.

Lofley announced the Centennial Quality Unit awards. Ferron Stake, Pack 307 and Troop 307; Huntington Stake, Pack 301-Elmo, Pack 302-Cleveland First, Pack 385-Cleveland Second, Pack 395-Huntington Fifth, Pack 903-Huntington Third, Troop 302-Elmo, Troop 304-Huntington First, Troop 385-Cleveland Second, Troop 394-Huntington Fourth, Troop 395-Huntington Fifth, Team 301-Elmo, Team 394-Huntington Fourth; and Castle Dale Stake, Pack 300-Orangeville Third, Pack 305-Orangeville First, Pack 306-Castle Dale First, Pack 328-Castle Dale Second, and Pack 904-Orangeville Second, were given these awards.

At the conclusion of the program, Jewkes and Dillon thanked everyone for their dedication to the boys of Buckhorn District.

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