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Out with the old in GR

The old Green River community center is torn down to make way for a new center.

In Green River a 102-year-old building was demolished on Broadway, and a lot of people ate a lot of pie. The Green River Community Center and their supporters took in mouthfuls of pie while watching the demolition of the old Community Center building.

From 2001-2008 this building was occupied by the Green River Community Center/Boys and Girls Club, and was condemned in 2008 when the roof caved-in. The demolition marks the beginning of a new future for the community center.

World renowned architect Marlon Blackwell has designed a new 12,000 square-foot community center to house the center, Boys and Girls Club, Headstart, and many other functions. The construction of the new center should begin sometime in 2010. Visit see renderings of the future Green River Community Center which will occupy the site of today's demolition.

In attendance at the demolition were Americorps NCCC Blue 3 team, Americorps VISTA's, Green River Community Center (PACT) board members, enthusiastic friends, JoAnn Chandler from the Green River Archives, and Pat Brady the mayor of Green River. The Americorps NCCC Blue 3 team, Americorps VISTA's,

Jack Forinash, Tom Burr, Lance Riches, Wes Funes, and Josh Hilliard already began clearing the site, and they have a lot of work ahead of them to remove all of the debris.

The community center is currently operating in the former senior citizens building for Green River while they await the construction of the new facility.

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