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Local candidates file for public office openings


The deadline passed on March 19 at 5 p.m. for those people wishing to file for county, state and national offices. Two term commissioner Gary Kofford is currently the Commissioner A and Commissioner B is held by one term Commissioner Jeff Horrocks. Both of these incumbents have filed for re-election. In the Commissioner A race, JR Nelson is the Republican challenger. For the Commissioner B race Edward A. Geary is the Democratic challenger.

In the Assessor race, Kris Bell will run unopposed. In the County Attorney race, David Blackwell will run unopposed. Brenda D. Tuttle will run unopposed in the Clerk-auditor race. Dixie Swasey will run unopposed for County Recorder.

In the Sheriff's race nine term incumbent LaMar Guymon will be seeking re-election. Greg Funk is the Republican challenger for sheriff. Treasurer Steven J. Barton will run unopposed. In the school board district number four Marie Guymon Johnson will run unopposed. In the school board district five Royd F. Hatt will run unopposed. In the United States Senate, incumbent Bob Bennett has filed along with challengers: Scott Bradley, Tim Bridgewater, David Chiu, Merrill Cook, Cherilyn Eagar, Jeremy Friedbaum, Sam Granato, Mike Lee and Christopher Stout. For US Representative: Jim Matheson, incumbent, Ed Eliason, Dave Glissmeyer, Wayne Hill, Randall Hinton, Morgan Philpot, Neil Walter and Claudia Wright. For Utah governor, Gary Herbert, incumbent, Peter Coroon, Richad Martin, W. Andrew McCullough, Daniel Van Oaks, "Superdell" Schanze. Kay McIff and Christine Watkins are local representatives to the state legislature who are also reapplying. Seventh District court judges, George M. Harmond Jr. and Douglas B. Thomas will also be on the ballot for judicial retention.

Commissioner A:

Gary D. Kofford - Democratic

JR Nelson - Republican

Commissioner B:

Jeff W. Horrocks - Republican

Edward A. Geary - Democratic


Kris Bell - Republican

County Attorney:

David A. Blackwell - Republican


Brenda D. Tuttle - Republican


Dixie Swasey - Republican


Lamar Guymon - Democratic

Greg Funk - Republican


Steven J. Barton - Republican

School Board District #4:

Marie Guymon Johnson

School Board District #5:

Royd F. Hatt

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