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Advertisement For Bids Notice To Contractors

Project Owner:
P.O. Box 877                                                         
Castle Dale, Utah  84513

	Separate sealed BIDS for the construction of   the Drainage, Water
and Sewer Project, 2010, will be received by Castle Valley Special
Service District at the office of the Engineer, Johansen & Tuttle
Engineering until 2:30 pm, April 15, 2010, and then opened and 
publicly read aloud.  A bid bond in the amount of five percent (5%) of
the bid, made payable to the Owner, shall accompany the Bid.

	Major items of work include:

	1. 	8-inch Dia PVC, Class 200 Pipe	-	6,600  L.F.
	2.	15-inch R/C Pipe	-	3,155 L.F.
	3.	Improved Road Crossing	-	4,750 L.F. 
	4.	Granular Borrow 3" minus	-	1,000 C.Y.
	Prospective Bidders shall assemble at the office of Johansen & Tuttle
Engineering, April 8, 2010, at 10:00 a.m., for the group showing.

	Attendance at the project pre-site-show meeting and site-show is
mandatory and a prerequisite to submitting a bid for the project. 
Bidding Contractors, or a duly authorized representative, must arrive
at the Project Engineer's office for the said meeting and
site-showing, at Johansen & Tuttle Engineering, 90 South 100 East,
Castle Dale, Utah. 

Copies of the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS may be examined at the office of the
Engineer:   Johansen & Tuttle Engineering located at  90 South 100 E.
Castle Dale , and obtained  upon payment of $   50.00 for each set. 
No refund.

	The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to waive
any formality or technicality in any bid in the interest of the

March 19, 2010           					    Date
Brad Giles, Chairman     
Published in the Emery County Progress March 23, 30, and April 6,

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