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DUP convention

Back row standing: Esther Tucker, Irene Williams, Earlene Allen, Elda Hinkins, Laurie Jones, Janice Spencer, Viann Niebergall, Carolyn Parrish, Janet Petersen, Pat Behling, Joann Behling, Sherron Pulli, Cherie Bowden, Tammy Oliverson, Glenna Kofford, Rosemary DeLange, Uneta Grange, Penny Kofford, Jane Lute, Carol Ziegler, Helen Wilcox, Christine Jensen, Lydia Henniger, Connie Gilbert, Margo Jones, and Jo Sansevero. Seated: Irene Mead, Kathleen Rowley, Helen Fox, guest speakers Louise Johnson and Dot Matern, Loye Thompson, Evelyn Huntsman, Karen Huntsman, Billie Maxfield. Also attended but not pictured Kathleen Wareham and Tonette Thomas.

The Daughters of Utah Pioneers met in Price for the annual Carbon Emery District conference on March 13. The two counties alternate venues and 2010 was Carbon's turn to host. The event was held at the Carbon North Stake Center with book sales beginning at 8 a.m. followed by an officers session and a general session.

The guest speakers from International DUP were Louise Johnson, International Membership Registrar and Dot Matern, International Parliamentarian. Both speakers addressed the changes taking place at the headquarters in Salt Lake to keep the Organization current with 21st century technology.

The DUP, organized in 1901 is dedicated to preserving the histories, artifacts and honor of the individuals who made their way into this barren territory over 163 years ago and struggled to overcome their environment to create the beautiful state we now call home.

In the headquarters in Salt Lake at the Pioneer Museum these histories are stored and maintained. An extensive project to digitize and preserve more than 104,000 personal histories is just now being completed and an individual can now log onto click on histories to see if there is a written history of one of their ancestors. Then that person can request a copy of the history be sent to them for a very nominal fee. The museum is also the home to a plethora of artifacts from Brigham Young's wagon that brought him to the valley, to Elisa R. Snow's journal that she hand wrote the words to "Oh My Father" in. If you find yourself in Salt Lake with some time to spare or if you want to make a special trip this is a fantastic way to spend your time and an incredible learning experience for young people.

Thirty five DUPs from Emery Company went to Price to attend the conference and enjoyed the opportunity to renew acquaintances learn from the speakers and enjoy the display of more than 20 antique and modern quilts that the Carbon Company had arranged for display. The conference continued with a great lunch, catered by BK's. Everyone had a great time and are looking forward to next year hosting here in Emery County.

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