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Outrage over secret deal with SUWA

Bennett outraged over Obama's secret deal with SUWA

Sen. Bob Bennett (R-Utah) issued the following statement regarding an announcement that, under the guise of a settlement agreement between the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and the Department of the Interior, a key provision of the of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 will be dropped from use in the field:

"I find it outrageous and cynical that on the same day that the president is attempting to persuade Americans that he is supportive of new oil and gas development, a secret deal is announced with SUWA that will result in gutting one of the key energy streamlining provisions of the Energy Policy Act of 2005-ironically a bipartisan legislative achievement that both he and Secretary Salazar supported when in the Senate.

"If President Obama wonders why those in Congress view his administration with such cynicism, he need not look any further than actions such as this."

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