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High Speed Chase Leads to Arrest on I-70

A high speed chase on I-70 on Nov. 16 led to the arrest of two suspects. As Sergeant Gayle Jensen from the Emery County Sheriff's Office came off the west exit into Green River, he received a call from dispatch that there had just been a gas skip at the West Winds Truck Stop. The suspect vehicle was a red Blazer with four doors and Colorado plates.

The vehicle was being driven by a female with a male companion. They had reportedly stopped at the West Winds gas pumps and the male began pumping gas, the female came around the vehicle and got in the driver's door.

When he finished pumping gas the male jumped in and the vehicle sped away. Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Jason Haywood called dispatch and reported that he had seen the suspect vehicle and attempted to stop the vehicle.

The vehicle failed to respond to the signal to stop and continued west on I-70. Sergeant Jensen called for assistance as he headed west to assist Trooper Haywood. Trooper Haywood reported that the speed throughout the chase was 90 miles per hour. The vehicle was first spotted at mile post 142 and Sergeant Jensen requested that his backups set up tire deflation devices at mile post 89. Trooper David Brinkerhoff blocked off the exit and the right hand lane.

The suspect vehicle went into the left lane and across the device. Troopers Haywood and Brinkerhoff and Deputy Jeremiah Johnson followed the vehicle for one mile and the suspects were taken into custody without further incident. The two suspects were transported to the Emery County Detention Center. The female, Amanda Gunn, 20, was from Lincoln, Neb. The male, Benjamin Glenn, 21, was also from Lincoln Neb.

The front left and the right tires were flat with the front left tire completely worn off the rim and the rim was damaged. The right front tire also had a hole and a leak.

The vehicle was not damaged otherwise except for a few chips in the windshield and a small scratch on the right bumper.

Questioning the suspects determined that the vehicle had been stolen from a car lot in Denver.

The suspects will both be charged with failure to respond to an officer's signal and possession of a stolen vehicle.

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