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Food Bank says good-bye to Jane Lutu with service award

Jane Lutu says her good-byes at the food bank. Lutu is leaving the area.

A potluck lunch was held to honor Jane Lutu who is leaving the Emery County food bank after 14 years of dedicated service.

Lutu volunteered at the food bank and was there every day helping customers. Food bank manager Kathy Thomas said, "She is a very dependable volunteer. She is very giving. She is moving closer to the Provo area due to health reasons and to be closer to her family. She has two sons and three daughters. She donated a lot of hours to the food bank and she worked every day. She started as a clothes sorter and moved into a receptionist and she helped with customer service. She is very kind and likeable.

"She's recently been through cancer. She lived in Castle Dale. She also helped with Headstart and the Sub for Santa programs. She was a participant in our commodity cooking classes as well.

"My supervisor presented the service award to Jane for her many years of service. We are really going to miss her. She contributed so much. She is so good with the customers and made my job a lot easier. I will miss her personally and for the many things she did to help all of us," said Thomas.

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