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Public Notice

An annexation petition has been filed with the City of Green River
proposing the annexation of the Silver Maple Trailer Court Parcel
#6-66-7.  On March 24, 2010 the City of Green River received notice of
certification of the Annexation Petition.  

	The proposed annexation area is in Emery County.  The legal
description is as follows:
BEG 576 FT W, SE COR, SW/4, SEC/4, SEC 4, TWP 21 S, R 16 E; 
N 265 FT; W 744 FT; S 265 FT; E 744 FT TO BEG. 4.89 ACRES.

	The complete annexation petition is available for inspection and
copying at the office of the city recorder, 460 East Main Street. 

The City of Green River may grant the petition and annex the area
described in the petition unless, within 30 days after March 24, 2010,
notice of certification, unless a written protest to the annexation
petition is filed with the city recorder by April 21, 2010 at P.O. Box
620, 460 East Main Street, Green River, Utah 84525.  The protest must
state each reason for the protest of the annexation petition.  It must
include justification for the protest under the standards of the
annexation statute.  It must contain other information that the City
Council requires or that the party filing the protest considers
pertinent and it must state the name and address of the contact person
within the protesting entity who is to receive notices sent by the
city recorder with respect to the protest proceedings.   

	The proposed area of annexation is already receiving local fire,
paramedic, and emergency services with the district.
Published in the Emery County Progress April 6, 13 and 20, 2010.

These legal notices, along with those from other fine Utah newspapers, can be viewed at

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