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For the birds

Martin Tyner shares his love of birds with junior high boys from Canyon View and San Rafael.

Staff writer

Martin Tyner, co-author of Healer of Angels and founder of Southwest Wildlife Foundation, visited San Rafael Junior High School recently. Tyner brought his golden eagle and a Harris hawk to display and teach the studentbody.

School librarian Dianne Butler introduced Tyner and told the students, "This will change your life. You will have a greater respect for animals after this."

Tyner explained his childhood living with dyslexia and the hardships he has overcome. With some special training, he learned to read and this accomplishment helped him with his passion, his love of raptors. Raptors include all the birds of prey, including eagles, hawks, ospreys, falcons, owls, vultures, and condors.

Tyner showed a power point with photos of each of these types of birds, and the sub-species of each kind. He told the students how to identify each bird by the characteristics and markings.

Following the difficulties of overcoming dyslexia, Tyner went on to become a master falconer and founded the Southwest Wildlife Foundation, where he works at rehabilitating raptors and other animals who become injured, orphaned, or sick. He has also trained animals and worked in the television and movie industry with his animals.

"Our goal at the foundation is to release the rehabilitated animals and birds back into their natural world. I have rehabilitated and taught birds how to fly and hunt," said Tyner. "Utah has two types of eagles, the bald eagle and the golden eagle. In Utah there are only 12 nesting pairs of bald ealges and numerous goldens."

He told the students of one fun thing he does with his golden eagle. They visit the Courts of Honor for Eagle Scouts in Cedar City where he lives.

The book Tyner co-authored with his wife Susan, was available and told the story of his life and experiences in raptor rehabilitation. He displayed the two raptors and answered all the questions from the students. His Web site, has information to purchase the book and how you can help the Southwest Wildlife Foundation.

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