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Ceramics class at Emery High unleashes artists

Jake Sehestedt and his collection of "monsters" as he refers to his collection.


Pottery has released the creativity of Emery High student Jake Sehestedt, Sehestedt is currently enrolled in Mike Royal's ceramic class. The class started working on three projects involving clay. The students shape the clay with their own hands and do not use a pottery wheel at this point in their learning. Royal said, "The slab pot was the project where the students take a large slab of clay and mold it. Jake went all out on this project. His project ended up as a cowboy."

For Jake's pinch project he ended up dividing the clay in the middle and branching the clay out into tree branches. He gave eyes and a mouth to the project and it ended up looking like a tree with a definite personality.

The other two projects worked with coiling the clay and the other was a slab project. Both of Jake's projects took on lives of their own as one project turned into a monster with a very large eye and mouth with hair. The other project ended up being a cowboy flower pot where the hat will come off and the bottom can be used to store change and other items.

Jake said this is his first time working with clay and ceramics and he just started the project and his creations took on their own character. The class has now moved on to creating pottery on the wheel.

Jake is the son of Tiffany and Mike Christensen of Emery. Grandma Barbara Sehestedt is very proud of Jake's creations.

Jake is a junior at Emery High and he likes to draw and skateboard. He is interested in building a career as an artist and involving technology with his art. Which direction that will take him he doesn't know yet, but his uniqueness and creativity will lead the way.

Royal said in all his years of teaching art Jake has been the most creative with his core projects.

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