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Dino Dig near Castle Dale

Active Allosaurus Excavation Open to the Public for May 4-8.

The College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum recently discovered a partially articulated dinosaur on Bureau of Land Management land near Castle Dale.

A nearly complete theropod (meat-eating) dinosaur will be excavated through a collaborative effort between the College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum and the Bureau of Land Management Utah Price Field Office. This effort will provide a unique opportunity for the public to observe an active dinosaur excavation.

The public is welcome to visit the excavation from May 4-8. The site can be accessed by the road near Castle Dale which goes onto the desert. The dig is about 10 miles below Castle Dale and is visible from the road.

Beginning on May 4, interested people can visit the site to gain a better understanding of what's involved in an excavation.

This discovery exemplifies the rich paleontological region surrounding the College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum.

Following excavation, the dinosaur will be prepared at the museum, where the public will also be able to observe the preparation process and speak directly with the fossil preparators.

After excavation and preparation, the dinosaur will remain at the museum where it will be available for further study and research.

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